This blog is edited by Jerry Sterns (Džerijs Šterns) – event organizer and photographer, founder of city art and urban exploration movement “UrbanTrip” in Latvia (2004, active since).

Urban Exploration Latvia

“UrbanTrip” (sometimes named “urbantrip.LV”) is non-formal Latvian group of visual artists, mostly photographers, who have dedicated their work to inform with untraditional means the society about socially important problems, especially those ones caused by urbanization: in branches of environmental defence and harmonic development of the city. [more]

Something for your inspiration:

“Raggles was a poet. In all his life he never wrote a line of verse; he lived his poetry. Raggles’s specialty, had he been driven to ink and paper, would have been sonnets to the cities. He studied cities as women study their reflections in mirrors; as children study the glue and sawdust of a dislocated doll; as the men who write about wild animals study the cages in the zoo. A city to Raggles was not merely a pile of bricks and mortar, peopled by a certain number of inhabitants; it was a thing with a soul characteristic and distinct; an individual conglomeration of life, with its own peculiar essence, flavor and feeling.” [O’Henry, “The Making Of A New Yorker”]